Sports Luxe Inspiration

I’ve been really into the Sports Luxe trend and trying to add some sporty pieces to my wardrobe. My favorite types of looks are ones with different types of hats; Snapbacks, Baseball caps and beanies! Not only a lazy girl’s way of not having to really do her hair that day but a great accessory to spice up your outfit up! I plan to do a post/video soon on some sporty looks I want to put together.

Some stores that I find great pieces that don’t break the bank:

H&M: Their inventory is always changing and they have nice on trend stuff and feature              designers that fit perfectly into one’s budget. The have the best graphic tees!              H&

Fanatics: They have A LOT of sports apparel that ins’t expensive as sports apparel can be at times. Best place to get your MLB hats for your sports ensembles!

Charlotte Russe: I stay talking about C. Russe but I can’t get over their shoes and how                 affordable they are and how they ALWAYS have a shoe sale! ALWAYS!                                               I mean, what is life without Charlotte Russe?? LOL.               

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Instagram for great inspiration!

II’m sharing some fashion collages I made myself


This collage is my fav out of the 3. I’m so into black this season, it’s addicting. Black Out. I styled this around the black Yankees Snapback. That bag is EVERYTHING!


This is my Cleveland ensemble. I like incorporating sequins into daytime outfits. Sneakers with a skirt is very sports luxe. You can’t go wrong with a NICE red bag.


Oh the “Burgh! I miss living in Pittsburgh so much! The love for the home teams atmosphere is so real in that city. All black outfit with some pops of the Pittsburgh gold. Gooo Pirates!!!

A couple of my favs from Pinterest 🙂




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