My Year! 2014


2014. One of the best years of my life. 2012 was at number 1 but this past year takes the cake 🙂 I am grateful and feel blessed to have lived and enjoyed this year with good health and good company of family and friends.


I want to thank all my viewers and readers for being so supportive and motivating in sharing parts of my life here on my blog and Youtube!

Whether you had a great year or a horrible year, the fact that you are able to read this means you survived. At the end of the day if life is all we have, we are rich.

For all of you that had a great year, I wish you even more happiness and success in all your endeavors and continue in a positive and fruitful path in life. Don’t forget to be thankful, don’t forget to look back and appreciate how far youIMG_4062‘ve come. Whatever vibes you put out to the world, I promise you will get back ten-fold. Anything you want to have or achieve in life you can. You are the only determining factor.

Good luck 🙂

For those that didn’t have a successful or fulfilling 2014, experienced hardship, loss or are confused….Start today to think positive and tell yourself that 2015 will be better, it will be your year. As i said, anything you want in life you can have, you are the determining factor. Keep your head up and smile. Everything will be ok. I wish you life, money, family, opportunities, knowledge and happiness.


My year was filled with many excursions around the world and at home in the US. They say the way you start the year determines whats to come for you. I started out 2014 with a cruise vacation with my BFF to the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos and that was the beginning of my travels for 2014. I am currently writing this blog post in the car on the way to DC with my BFF to bring in the New Year in style! LOL

I celebrated my birthday in NYC with my BFF and our friends!IMG_45780651564617

The loss of my Uncle brought me to Nigeria to say good bye and wish him peace in his rest. Even though the reason for my travels to Nigeria wasn’t the most happy. The fact that I was able to go home to Nigeria after some years and see my family that I haven’t  seen in while was beautiful.



Back the ‘Burgh for Nike’s bridal shower then off to Mexico for the wedding! I had a BLAST in Cancun with family and friends. I need to go back ASAP! Baila! Baila!

photo 3PicsPlay_1405635410495We celebrated Nky’s birthday in NYC plus we went to the Nigeria Independence parade! Good good times! I wish I could relive that whole weekend again 🙂20141011_140013

What a year! Happy New Year Everyone! xo

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