2 thoughts on “Vlog | ATL + Chicago

  1. Hi ify I just subscribe but I been watching you in youtube and I love everything your doing. I’m old a single mother of 4 and I’m 44yrs old I have a boyfriend from Nigeria his from Delta State.I met him thru fb.First were only friend but years goes by and we decided to go to next level we been boyfriend and girlfriend for 4 years now but we haven’t met in person only thru webcam. I met some of his family thru webcam we always talk and txt each other.Sorry I’m telling you already the story of my life.Let me introduce my self. I’m Mary Jane I’m 44 yrs old divorce and from Philippines.I watch almost all your video I love your mom.Shes so natural infront of camera. I love when your vloging with your sister,junior and your mom. I hope next video you can include your dad.Anyways it’s so nice to watch your videos I hope to see your mom more often on your video.Thank you for taking your time reading this letter. I’m hoping next 2 yrs I’m going to Nigeria and get married.God bless you and your family.keep vloging please.😀


    • Awww thats so sweet! Thank you for watching, I’m happy you enjoy my videos!
      I pray that all is well with your boyfriend and it all works out. I know how long distance relationships can be hard at times! xo Goodluck wiht everything! Thank you for the comment!


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