Trying German Snacks! |

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3 thoughts on “Trying German Snacks! |

  1. Ok,I was introduce to ur YouTube vlog by my Co worker because she thought I might know u (u know all Nigeria’s know themselves LOL),but she was right I was watching Nkiru’s traditional wedding (beautiful by the way) and u guys were in the car going to Ontisha and passed Uke Village and went to ur cousins house in Umuoji and am from Umuazu Umuoji,ur Mum might know,I live in Atlanta from about 14yrs now,Married My men for Obosi which is 15mins from Umuoji and 30mins from Ojoto,with 4kids.You are right u need to marry an Igbo men ,it makes things hit me up so we can talk ok.bye.


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