5 Little Ways To Make Your Life Less Toxic

Let’s explore our minds and clear out negativity, junk, anxiety and unhealthy emotions. I wanted to get into more lifestyle posts on my blog to really connect with my readers and start helping each other get back on track. So “New Year, New Me” was 5 months ago and you still feel like you’re at the same place. It’s all about the DETOX! Cleaning out your mind to tidy up your life. Personally for me when my mind is toxic it shows in my personal surroundings, messy closet, dishes piling up in the kitchen snacking on cookies all day non-stop. No bueno. It’s good to detox regularly, once a week, twice a month; it just depends on you and what you face during your daily activities. Here are 5 little ways to make your life less toxic. I call them little but to you it may be a big step:

  1. Journal/Planner – I’ve mentioned and made some videos about my erin condren planner that is literally my personal assistant! I write EVERYTHING down in my planner, from To Do lists, grocery lists, travel plans and reminders for my favorite TV shows! I believe the first step in making your environment less toxic is knowing your responsibilities and tasks and focusing on only what YOU need to do. When your mind is bogged down with less important things that don’t progress you in life, it’s not beneficial in your movements. So put aside other people’s requests of you that don’t help you in anyway, ideas that you thought for yourself that can wait till a later time and other people’s problems that they dumped on you. Also, you can write down your anxieties, worries or struggles from the day and a plan to conquer them in even the littlest way tomorrow. It will make you feel loads better
  2. Meditating – I call this “Think Time” when I’m in my bed and trying to unwind so I can sleep for the night. I think about my day and pick out a couple things that made my day not so well and ask myself why? Was it my fault that I could have controlled or was it beyond my control. If it was beyond my control I let it go so it doesn’t continue to bother me. Letting go isn’t easy but I’ve trained myself to let things go if I can’t control them. Be selfish with your wellbeing and happiness. If it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t care about it. Also during my think time I like to explore ideas and future projects I would like to develop; it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have a purpose and dreams that I WILL achieve. It gets me excited to start my day the next morning because I know I’m out here grinding to live out these dreams. The last thing I like to think about is my treasures in life. My family, my quality friends and partner. The people that support me all the way through and bring me happiness. This also can go into listing all your blessings and how lucky you are to have them. When we get lost in toxic things we forgot the good that surrounds us and the mentality that “Right now things aren’t what I would like them to be, but I know God will see me through”.
  3. Clean out your social media/phone – Your phone needs updating and there’s no more memory. You’re trying to download an app and there’s no space on your phone. You want to take a picture and your phone says no more space. It’s time to clean out your electronics. Delete the 100 selfies you took last week trying to look cute for the gram LOL; I am guilty. Delete apps you don’t use, backup your pics on google+ photos so that you can delete pics off your phone, clean up your email inbox. Just delete delete delete! UGH! On Facebook/Instagram, if there’s people that post things that bother you in anyway just delete them. No need for toxic energy coming at you all day. You still have your ex’s number or old friends’ numbers you fell out with? Delete that shit and move on.
  4. Wake up Happy – It’s not easy for everyone, but make it a habit to wake up on the right side of the bed and pick out one thing you are looking forward to doing. If I have a trip coming up on the weekend and I have to work everyday that week, I just look forward to little things; “Today after work I plan to pack!” Sounds kind of corny but it really springs me up out of bed. Try to find the good during a not so fun situation or time. Always looking forward to something helps you stay positive mentally and block out the toxic thoughts and emotions.
  5. Compliment People – I believe when you put out great vibes and energy to the universe you get it back 10 fold. Being genuine.  Making people feel good makes you feel good too!



3 thoughts on “5 Little Ways To Make Your Life Less Toxic

  1. Good words of advice, this is how I live my life. I also tell my clients the same thing. Life is to short to waste time on other people jock. Just keep it 💯 always. ✌🏾️✌🏾✌🏾


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